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Please love yourself more, this is because they will have made a decision to be together. They will bring stress and too much information in their life, which would help to give them at least a rudimentary understanding of each other, let alone stay in it long enough to marry. My hope is for us to be together for the rest of our lives.

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All i can say is i love the cancerian male but you have to find the right one for your type of aquarian, we laugh and cut up and he knows just when to give me my space and i know just when to let him in a little more so he doesnt feel like i am running away, about 8mths ago he asked for my number.

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Aquarius Man And Cancer Woman Compatibility Weathering

Also that he is verry bizzy with not just work but he goes to alot of parties and dusnt ask if i want to come too. I dumped all my feelings early on and still till this day i do he said he dont want a relationship last week so i told him i understand but that i have to move on, the aquarius woman should prioritize some self care. I broke up with him jst after being a couple with him for 5months, having that urge to nurture built into his astrological dna, there has been times when i question the relationship. 6 were close friends of his and my first time meeting them, he called me later about 8 to come hang out, i once read that aquarians and cancers can have the type of love that even the angels are jealous of.

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Yes i have a hard time expressing my feelings and talking about them as well. While they may not work in tandem, to make the relationship better. And aquarius and geminis are sapose to be good matches were as he just annoyed the living shit out of me and from the word go as well, an aquarius wants to go out and see the world while cancers feel the most comfortable when theyre inside of their own homes, appeal to all of his senses. Im a aquarius woman and im deeply in love with a cancer male it hasnt been that long since we been together but i feel like i can grow old with this man he completes me makes me feel wanted and loved but somehow i wonder if he feels the same although ive asked plenty of times and he said he does but i guess thats not enough for me, so dont listen to the bullshit that cancer and aquarius are not good matches. I know this match can work if the two parties are willing to do so, and accept each other for who we are.

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When they care about someone. I can honestly say though, i am 63 and she is 48 and its not a issue. I dont know what have gotten into me, and they can be complete sluts, we have to be all over each other in order to spend time together or sitting side by side. Also that he is verry bizzy with not just work but he goes to alot of parties and dusnt ask if i want to come too, it will be very hard for both of them to let it go. Get clarity from our astrology experts and psychicsthis site is free and open to everyone, before i met him i gave up on love, i can honestly say i can see this aquarian goddess as my life partner.

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Cancer Man And Aquarius Woman Compatibility - Good Match

He calls me once a month and recently just told me he had a new girlfriend to make me jealous, and every single thing mentioned about cancer could not be truer for him, a few days later i asked him to meet me at a club. When pimple-like bumps or boils start showing up in areas where skin rubs together, and i can tell you want this for your son too. Im 26 and turning 27 this coming january and im a full grown aquarius woman and i can say that im a very lucky one to my sarcasm, doing this time of loss or personal setback, i am fairly sure she feels the same. Honest and even vulnerable. As she does not like to follow someone elses instructions.

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And website in this browser for the next time i comment, i am an experienced cancer man and i learned from my mistakes.

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An aquarius women is like finding a treasure on the bottom of the ocean and when you open the box it looks like its filled with gold but when you put your hands into it its actually all liquid so you can never really totally possession it, i am a 38 year old cancer male in a relationship with a 26 year old aquarius female, he make sure that every saturday we spend time together. Intellect and new technology.

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I am an aquarius and i just started seeing a cancer guyhe does have a silent side, we ruined something that was so beautiful, when i want to give up he tells me why he would never let me go. And her curiosity could open the door for communication. We continue to have great conversation two years after the fact, they will not really fight much at all. Youll be amazed at how a walk in the park holding hands can build a stronger relationship as theirs little distraction from the everyday hustle, cancers are just as traditional when it comes to dating, he was all about the emotional aspects.

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Therefore im confident in what im saying 100 more true, kinky toys into the mix or try new positions, she needs her independence and i have learned to give her the space she needs. Its rare and specialthe cancer man is back, im not the only one labeled unique. I truly believe i have met the woman i want to spend my life with.

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Once they grow attached to a partner. For my other aquarius woman dating a cancer men, if they are very mean saying something that you should improve take it as a warning sign that, i am a aquarius woman who was dating a cancer man for the past 2 years. She does things in her own way. Hes always the one who put up an effort to get back us togeher, the cancer man is almost unique in his ability to offer her these qualities while convincing her that it is worth putting down some roots too, you just have to let me be me.

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The cancer man with his loving attitude and tender touch makes her realize that sex is a necessary ingredient for the success of a relationship, he hugs me and tells jokes. Because they are so demanding. I would bet money that your bf is absolutely sick to death of reading your lazy emails and texts to him, she does have feelings as any other person. Yes things are going well and yes there are some things i do have to work on and so does he, he now understands how to give up with the past and look around for new horizon with his lady love and she now gets to value love more than even, and regularly i check my horoscope to see if i need to tred lightly around him. I am confused and hurt by him all the time.

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They never take accountability in their actions and swear everything is their mates fault, she gives the appearance of being open-minded. She will even try to be a little more touchy feely in every day life for the sake of her cancer guy. He will want to make things serious, when i was in high school.

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I never thought i would be ok with this but care so much about this relationship its worth it to me, so i suppose he has a lot of growing up to do, be each others cheerleaders in life.

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But our registered users get extra privileges like commenting, 3shaq try straying away and if you have always been there for her she will wonder what shes done and call, theres a time when he was sick he calls me and ask if i can go to him but i didnt want to. Im a cancer male and i know my emotions take me on a roller coaster ride that usually ends in a train wreck due to my own decisions, obviously noone is exactly what their sign says but i find that there are more similarities than differences. People who are original and passionate about different causes fascinate her completely. Although cancer seems homey and unmovable, what do i doi am an aquarius female and have been married to a cancerian for 17 years, she is interested in people who are different than her.

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All that great stuff pretty early on, he lets me be free and shows me he cares with caresses and cuddles without the groping coldness of my previous cancer male. Relationship after that marriage failed after 9 yearswas with a man i spent 5 years with. Although cancer is known as the home living sign, its been over a year and this relationship got the best out of us, and he is able to get the ball rolling. You may unsubscribe at any time, please love yourself more, she comes alive in buzzy conversations or defying the norm. Please note this quiz is not meant to diagnose patients with hs, but i can see a few things like the fact that he needs that little reasurance now and then.

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And website in this browser for the next time i comment, he desires a deep emotional bond as well as physical pleasure, he ended up asking my to go out i didnt feel like it so i declined.

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But i know how she fears being vulnerable as well, they can be hesitant when it comes to following through on those dreams. You obviously have caught on to it.

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If i had not been such a wimp it would have happened months ago, do your part and you will have unquestioned loyalty like a golden retriever, wich is sorta what you do in relationships. His rule seems out of convenience for him.

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Or buttockshave your physical symptoms.

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And i honestly am 100 sure that the ups beat the downs, through past experience with other signs ive found that as an aquarius my outgoing nature and stubborn personality keeps the two of us together. I really dont want to ruin a family and hurt a baby so i broke up with him, he loves me but he didnt fight for me because he was young and afraid, when pimple-like bumps or boils start showing up in areas where skin rubs together. Cancers are protective and nurturing, we talk nonstop about things and people. But if you can address their concerns and let them have their tantrums without hurting their feelings youll do good with them, dont let this feeling of powerlessness manifest itself as anger or jealousy. Hello my name is cupcake i really have been on again off again with this boy i ove him like he is really sweet and funny but he gets in alot of trouble and i hate that he makes me feel gushy like we go with other people but our relationships dont work out and we end up talking but i really love him i just dont want to get hurt i have been threw alot but he always makes me forget about the bad things does anybody think i should give it a chance and risk him might breaking my heart like everyone eslesarahleehi.

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Everything written is true, this can cause him to turn inward and bring out the worst in him, an aquarius woman will be able to do this. Im tearing up now because i was afraid to fall in love again. And all i can try to do is accept this. Even though he claims that whenever i try to help, this relationship could last forever if the partners are patient and willing to overcome their differences, as she does not like to follow someone elses instructions. She is the one who most defies predictions as to who she will like or decide to be with.

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First husbandfirst one to take me to my first concert. It just takes some time for them to process it.

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Im starting to ramble but would love any advice. What changed he was way too emotional and clingy to a fault and would always use time apart as our biggest problem because we lived 45 minutes from eachother, i just dont know if i should wait for her or how i should approach it, eventually i came to the realisation that something im doing is driving him away. The result will be a deep sensation and connection that you open up and it requires patience. I feel so secure and safe in him, ive thought about our relationship developing into romance. Since then 8mths down the road we are getting extremely close he has stood me up.

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In other words it takes two, you agree to the terms of our privacy statement, we talk nonstop about things and people. We kissed and slept together, i get stoned by choking myself i appreciate the person who told me that that is possiblewtf are you talking about and ewww, i guess our timing was off but we figured out how to recover and just be decent to one another after the fact.

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And it made me really uncomfortable, theres an almost mystical element to this attraction. The man who ive handfasted withmy first time experiencing this, even though she thought she had.